Sunday, August 9, 2009

"I could blog about burning down the house"

"I hate cooking."This ones for Julie Powell, thanks to her creative cooking blog. I was truly inspired. For what seemed to be 5 minutes. Sorry Julie I tried. My mother decided to teach me how to make a simple bechemel sauce. ( some white creamy sauce) I don't know cooking terms, language or anything else along those lines. In fact Ive always convinced myself that I hated cooking, apparently its not my forte. My mother was a chef in cooking school or something like that point being is she loves cooking to high heaven. So lets rewind here, this wasn't my first attempt. It all began one afternoon while my stomach was trying to tell me that after starving myself all morning I should finally eat something...all hail Kraft dinner macaroni. The most simple food an eight year old can accomplish, boil water add noodles drain add sauce milk and butter, and if all else fails read the step by step instructions on the side. So here I am in our one person size kitchen, 4 burners 4 dials and a pot. My mother has a knack for saving crushed egg shells in a container for her plants that she leaves on our stove top.OK this is easy fill the pot turn the dial wait for it to boil, until then I walk away to watch some television show. 10 minutes pass and I realize I have forgotten to check my boiling water, and much to my surprise my water is still ice cold-the only thing boiling is my moms container of egg shells. How on earth did I manage to turn on the wrong dial that is so simply labeled with matching filled in circles just so this sort of thing could be avoided. and I've run into the impossible. so now our stove is on fire and there is melted plastic cooking away-yum. add the cheese and lunch is served. That was my first attempt. Second attempt, that would be today, making a delicious sauce, spending quality time with my mom learning to cook (something shes always wanted to share with me) Things are going great, sauce is waiting to thicken! I loved it. My dad walks in asking when dinners ready and just happens to notice our rice cooker is smoking. Mom and I just figured it was smoking cause It was cooking rice for supper. We soon came to realize that the rice cooker was melted to the bottom of our platter plate it usually sits on. Once again Ive turned on the wrong burner. We now need a new rice cooker and Ive given up cooking. The kitchen hates me.


Ningrum said...

o my dear...everything will be fine, your love of cooking is in you somewhere, you just need to find it and never give up on it.

Jessbc said...

oh goodness Ranny your such a dear. thank you! I will not give up I promise!