Monday, August 10, 2009

The kitchen kicked my ass today..but it was delicious.

I really didn't intend to write all my blogs about cooking,I don't enjoy cooking, although I do enjoy eating. Hence the reason I challenged the evil stove again tonight. Mother and I made a paprika breaded chicken with pesto sauce pasta, well sort of I made a tomato sauce for mine, fresh mushrooms, garlic, tomatoes and almost every spice in my cupboard. moms consisted of garlic, olive oil, Parmesan cheese and basil. I must admit it was sort of fun. Yes I had my mishaps once again as I do always, Ive got to be the most clumsy person known to the cooking world. Its really quite ridiculous. I managed to literally grab the stove rack...and yeah I had a pot holder in hand, unfortunately my right thumb managed to escape. the rest went downhill from there, although after my screaming hissy fit and unavoidable cursing, things went slightly back to normal. We were almost finished when it was time to drain our perfectly cooked multi grain noodles. Mom put the lid on and proceeded to ask my dad to drain them, Well that's where I stepped in I recall saying something along the lines of "We don't need dad to drain the noodles, I can do it, who needs a man, I dont, I'll do it." (after proclaiming about what seemed to be 50 times that I dont need a man, I proceeded to ask him to open a jar that I needed, boy did that one bite me in the ass) anyways, I had less then an inch of water left in the pot when i dropped the whole darn thing of noodles into our sink, that I really don't think was cleaned out after we washed dishes...yuck. I re-boiled the water cleaned off the noodles and voila...perfection. (I wasn't going to waste a full pot of noodles) so yes we ate them and it was Delicious. I did manage to ruin my meal by running over to the nearest corner store for a bucket of strawberry shortcake ice cream to share with my mother. I am so full! But it was well worth it. We split the whole bucket in half, otherwise we wouldn't have agreed to sharing, we both dug out all the strawberry chunks and left it. Its funny how alike we are. We topped off the night watching No reservations, an amazing movie I must admit.We are such chicks.

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