Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A late Ponder

I should be sleeping, as I continue to sit here glued to this computer and completely infatuated with the life stalking powers of all my friends new and old, also known as Facebook. After I changed my profile picture 3 times, went throught ALL my old pictures, friends new pictures, played my game, changed my status, deleted my status, changed my status again I think I just might be satisfied. And I'm now sitting here talking to my virtual mind. I had absolutely no intentions on what I might write in the big blank box but as the minutes pass by I somehow manage to fill the once empty space with a random thought. ...I re read. I write some more, look at the time, feel a slight pit in the bottom of my stomach reminding me that waking up at 7 will not be easy if I continue. Have I My mind is still very full. Of nothing. I should have attempted to write a blog a week ago when I was high on life and had something to talk about, something that might be worth reading. Well enjoy my empty virtual mind. Cause right now its killing me knowing that I could and rather should be laying in my unconfomfortable single sized bed over ruled by too many pillows, three blankets, and a cat. Sounds slightly endearing. Oscar is wandering around aimlessly in circles waiting for me to let him into my parents room so he can sleep with his best doggy friend. Well if I have to suffer so shall he. I could go on and on about how inspiring my life is at times and how great it is to be alive yadda yadda... the kind of stuff people like to read or feel they need to read to keep some sort of hope in thier lives. Well my life is on fast forward right now and apparently the only time I can slow down to let my mind spill is when I should be getting my valuable sleep. Dare I take that time from playing endless Nintendo Wii games and watching American Dad. Atleast I have the memory of how wonderful my past week was and what lessons I learned. When I feel like it, then maybe I will share it here. Until then..I bid you farewell until possibly tomorrow morning when I show my mom my brand new and improved blog and she tells me how much she loves it. Now I am very tired. Goodnight all.

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