Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Blah is how I feel

Title pretty much says it all. Haven't written in forver, Im sorry blog. I missed you too.  And I still have absolutely nothing valauble to say. Schools almost done, ready to start all over again. Completely confused as to what program I want to major in. Its slowly killing me. I like animals,lots. I might be a veterinary technician. But, I like psychology as well, you'll never guess how long it took me to learn to spell that word correctly. (I hope I got it right this time, that would be embarassing)...Where on earth is my spell check!? I have lost all ability to spell properly due to auto correct and spell check, Its a great thing really.  I love to learn about the human mind, why people are so crazy. Just kidding, I really like to talk to people, I can relate.  Coming from someone going slowly nuts. Its funny the only time I decide to pick my pen ahem keyboard up and write a blog for the first time in far to long; I have something far more important to be attending too. I have a test in approximately 7 days. Who am I kidding its definitely not approximately. It is for sure in 7 days. Agggghhhh. Hense the slightly blah feeling. The weather is terrible. It is ultimately affecting my life. Any mishaps or negative moods radiating from the frown on my face I plan to blame on this this weather. I HATE RAIN. Its so moody, especially when the sky is tricking you with a peek of sun, its a teasing effect, and it is not fair. Its delightfully cold out to, one significant other would argue. But here I sit with freezing hands wishing I was bundled up as if it were snowing a nasty blizzard.  Oh look at that, it stopped raining. Lets see how long it lasts this time. On average it lasts about 2 seconds. Yet the gloomy dark clouds stick around just to remind me that the rain storm is just taking a little break, but it will be back, I can count on it.   I dont even know what to think right now. I am a bit grumpy. goodbye blog. That is all for now. Maybe next time we will meet again in a better mood.