Friday, August 28, 2009

And I quote "the kitchen hates me"

Ah Its been a while since my last blog attempting to battle the stove...Which brings me here today. Its around 11 pm as I stumble into the kitchen, grumpy pants and all, to cure my midnight sweet tooth, I was going to make hot chocolate. My stubborn conscience pointed out that I couldn't just make instant hot chocolate, a bag of flavoured goodness a fancy mug, and hot water.Simple right? My conscious defeated my common sense once again, as I flicked on the 'correct' burner. Fully aware that I chose the right one...right bottom circle matches right bottom burner. I searched through my fridge checking the expiry dates on the 3 different jugs of milk. How else do you make hot chocolate? Boil milk add real chunks of chocolate, a few marshmellows and voila!, complete satisfaction. The kitchen proved me wrong once again. All was going well, I was nearly drooling over the steaming brown liquid as I threw in large marshmellows. You can tell someone who cant cook is the type to cook everything on high because it will cook faster right? well I'm that person. Suddenly my late night dessert is spilling all over the stove, quite rapidly I must admit. The stove is now smoking, my marshmellows are burning to the inside of the burner, the fan is running on as high as it will go, and I'm throwing a hissy fit. What else is new..Kitchen 3 Jessica 0. Chef Ramsey would kick me out of the kitchen..YES CHEF!

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