Friday, July 3, 2009

You do realize your wearing your mom's clothes...

Yes..thank you I do realize that. Im 19 and have to raid my mothers closet for something reasonable to wear for a job interview. When is it really time to stop buying teenager clothes? All my "nicest" shirts are presumably tight showing off my best assets. No not intentionally. I'd like to say its not my fault and I cant help it. So dear mothers closet thank you for making me look like a mature grown up for the day. No one has to know my best dress pants have a giant hole in them. Where on earth do you go to shop for fashionable grown up clothes that wont cost me $200 for one 'sexy mama' shirt. Sorry LuLu Lemon my body was not quite made for your extremely tight work out clothing. Maybe one day when my every meal doesnt consist of something with chocolate covered delishiousness or cheesy bacon insides. Until then your closet is my best friend. Once again...thank you.

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