Sunday, March 10, 2013

What brought me here?

Uh..I guess I'm back! Don't ask me why I was gone for so long, I wish I knew. I guess I forgot how writing made me feel so happy. I just like to share my life for everyone to read and relate to. So here I go!!....Life has been the shits. :) Doesn't that just make everyone feel great! Sorry this post may not make you feel in a happy giddy mood. It may not make anyone smile, but me, I'm glad to get it all out! Write it out I say! Uhhh where do I start, I havent been here in so long!
This story is long, and unexciting.
All hell broke loose.
Things got better.
And yet I'm still feeling down.
My brain is boggled, I don't know what to say and where to start. I am now 23, moved out of home, living with what I hope to be the love of my life, parents are divorced, surrounded in a lot of anger and resent from my family, and I'm somewhere in the middle.  But on a side note, things are ok, coming from the most optimistic person ever, I just know things will be ok, time heals, and I have someone in my life that keeps me happy. Thank god for that. Today is a boring day most likely why I'm here. I just need to release, writing here helps, I'm glad I came back. I will try to stick around this time :) OK..back to my depressing rant.
I'm scared of the consequences, what will happen if I say what I'm thinking.BLANK.
my head hurts. This has been great. Thank you.
goodbye again

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